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Sermon Series

by Pastor Brandon Current

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Guest Speakers

This collection of sermons is from visiting preachers and missionaries, as well as other gifted teachers within our congregation. Sermons on this page are arranged by date.

Living Well in a Sinful World

Proverbs is God’s course-book for learning and applying his wisdom to the thorny situations of a fallen world. Every verse is either covered as a speech, or by topic.

Doing The Faith

Exegetical series through James. Genuine faith produces righteous words and deeds that flow from a transformed heart that demotes self and seeks the good of others.

A Church To Stand

Exegetical preaching series through the book of 1 Timothy. The church will stand strong when it is grounded in the Word, and served by men and women who are mature in the faith.

The King Has Come

Exegetical preaching series through the book of Matthew. Matthew introduces Jesus to us as our King and proclaims the lineage, foundation, advance, law, and culture of his reign.

All Things by and for Jesus

Exegetical preaching series through the book of Colossians. Jesus is the focal point of all creation and human life. He has created us, saved us, and become the pattern for our lives.

On This Rock

Exegetical preaching series through the book of 1 Peter. If we build our lives on sound doctrine and a firm faith in Christ, we will thrive in any circumstance.

Remember The Way

Exegetical preaching series through the book of 2 Peter. Beware of truth-twisters. Hold on to sound doctrine and pure living, remembering that Christ is returning to judge.

Spiritual Vital Signs

Topical series on the essential activities for Christian health and growth. God meets us and pours the working power of his grace into our lives through these disciplines.

Church Membership

Topical sermon series about the purpose and benefits of church membership. Belonging to a local church is God's plan for our growth and perseverence in the faith.