Sunday Service 9:30am   |   301 Clinton St. Hudson, IL

Basic Beliefs

We can know God

God has written the ability to know Him into every person’s being. Universal and innate concepts like fairness, love, perfection, beauty, good & evil, creativity, and logic all give testimony to the existence of Creator that stands outside materialistic creation.

In addition, God has given us the Bible. In it, He has communicated to us, inviting us to know truth.

We were created to be close to God

The Bible tells us that God created the world, then created two people in his likeness for his pleasure and glory. They spent time together with God, enjoying a perfect unbroken relationship.

Our rebellion has wrecked our relationship with God

Rather than living in joyful obedience to their Creator, those two people decided to rebel against God and quickly discovered that in doing so, they broke that perfect relationship and brought themselves much pain.

Each person that has lived since then, including you and me has rebelled against God in the same way. We therefore live in a world filled with pain, hate and evil.

God provided us a way to fix the broken relationship with Him: Jesus Christ

God showed the depth of his selfless love for us by providing a way for us to be saved from the consequences of our rebellion. Jesus Christ lived a perfect life and then suffered the death we deserve. He took upon Himself our punishment.

The Bible says that we can be made right again with God and enjoy a relationship with Him by believing in Jesus Christ and following Him.

It is simple, but hard. We meet together throughout the week to encourage and help each other. Join us!

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Doctrinal Statement

In addition to salvation, the Bible teaches us about everything we need to know to live and thrive in His world. We put together a video series about what Hudson Christian Church believes about the Bible, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the church, baptism, the Lord’s supper, sanctification, and the end of the world.

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About Hudson Christian Church

Who We Are

Hudson Christian Church is an independent, non-denominational congregation of followers of Jesus Christ. We stand under the authority of Jesus Christ upon the Scriptures alone as the foundation for faith and practice. We yearn for the unity of all believers under the one name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Hudson Christian Church to develop devoted followers of Jesus Christ, disciples who are growing and serving together in unity. We aim to accomplish this by proclaiming the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of the Scriptures, baptizing those who repent of their sins and teaching them to obey all Christ has commanded in his Word through instruction and correction. We each use the gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit for mutual edification and we strive to be the hands and feet of Christ by showing compassion in Hudson and the surrounding area, and by supporting Christ’s work in the world at large.

Bible-centered Teaching

Our pastor preaches exegetically through whole books of the Bible, passage by passage, explaining and illustrating the meaning of the text. We have seen that this emphasis on the message of the Bible (rather than the thoughts of man) is life changing, infinitely relevant to daily life, and brings people close to God.

We also meet for mid-week Bible studies where we learn how to study passages of the Bible, get hands-on practice at home, and meet together to share our observations and applications to our lives.

Family Worship

We have structured our ministries to include times when the whole family attends together and times of age appropriate learning. Every Sunday morning at 9:30am, children, teens, and adults attend our main worship service together. Nursery is provided for babies and toddlers (though they are welcome in service too!) Just before the sermon, young kids are dismissed for Kid's Church, a special lesson designed for ages 3-7. After church, we offer classes based on age. Babies and toddlers are taught foundational lessons about God using big pictures and short memory verses. Children and teens attend age-appropriate classes where they are taught a Christian worldview and develop their own relationship with God. Adults study, discuss, and share prayer requests together.

Our structure creates a family environment where younger and older members build relationships and learn from each other. Children and teens see the examples of older people who have lived their lives by faith and they are mentored by those further down the path. At the same time, everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow with classes geared toward their current place in life.

Activated Members

Our church is filled with people doing the work of God. We encourage everyone to find their place in building up the church by using their spiritual gifts. Whether it be serving in a leadership role, fixing things around our facility, baking for times of fellowship, handing out food to those who need it in our community, we are busy doing what God has called us to. With everyone doing their part, our church continues to thrive.