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Church Membership: God's Buddy System

Ephesians 4:11-16

Pastor Brandon Current  | March 8, 2015

Following Christ is a lifelong journey, but it needn't be a lonely one. Christ has provided us with his Church as a means of encouragement, companionship, and accountability for our walk with Him. However, to experience the benefits of this relationship, our connection to the Church can't be casual. We are members of one body and must submit to one another in the Lord and to the leaders He has placed over us. This is for our protection, refinement, and blessing.

"Church Membership"

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Church Membership: Judge, But Not Judgmentally

1 Corinthians 5:9-13

Pastor Brandon Current  | March 15, 2015

Christ was clear that we should not have a critical, prideful disdain for one another’s sins. However, Scripture is also clear that we have a responsibility to gently correct sin in believers’ lives and to break fellowship with those Christians who will not repent of their sin.

Church Membership: We’re Glad You Came

Colossians 3:11-16

Pastor Brandon Current  | March 22, 2015

The church will be a place that satisfies people’s core need for relationship when it is a place of unconditional acceptance and loving expectation for the people who belong to God.




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